"Russkiy mir" and its fruits
This gigapixel mosaic photo of Putin represents "Russkiy mir"

"Russkiy mir" is the most vast province of the satanic realm of lies.

"Russkiy mir" is to bootlick the strong and to humiliate the weak.

"Russkiy mir" is to frenetically want everybody to love you and to believe that the shortcut to love is rape.

"Russkiy mir" is when you enslave people and force them to call you a liberator.

"Russkiy mir" is satanic pride and inferiority complex.

"Russkiy mir" is DEATH.

TV propagandists, journalists, politicians, orthodox priests, oligarchs, artists, conspiracy theorists, and many, many useful idiots of all calibers. If you wonder why some famous person is in the picture, probably the answer is: because he's a prominent liar.

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Greetings from Bulgaria!